Friday, December 2, 2011

what the ****

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera .

hi peeps ! this is my second time i'm updating this blog .

just came back from friday prayers .

just want to take a few minutes to update this blog .

just to share with all of you outside there how good i feel right now , you know why ?

because all my project are over and after this i have my time to study , to manage my room , to do my

assignment ( a lot okeyy ! @_@ ) and get enough sleep .

perghhhhhhh ..

what a relief !

and i hope after this i can always update this blog .

and the good thing is my BERUKband is back to normal !

okey guys , that's all for this time . i got a lot to do actually .

( manage my room , do a laundry , assignment and so on )

see you again soon !

Hak Milik Kekal,

1 comment :

..cik faTiha Tea'ah... said...

haish..mcm salahkan aku jer budak neh...



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