Thursday, April 18, 2013

What A Hectic Semester

Assalamualaikum and Good day buddies.

ahhhhh. Long time do not seating in front of my laptop and type a story for my beloved readers. beloved kah ? lol. First of all, i would like to apologies to  all my readers for not updating this blog. Well, this semester is a hectic semester for me more than previous semesters. 

Biasalah kan student nie. A lot of assignments to be submitted. Bukan je assignments, tutorials lagi quizzes lagi, dan macam macam lagi lah. Co-curriculum also important for students where they can gain a softskill from joining an activities yang dianjurkan oleh universiti. 

For me, its already a pack schedule in managing accounting club because I am one of the committee for accounting club in my university. There are a lot of activities to be handled. But, i still not ignoring my studies. "kelab kelab jugak, belajar jangan lupa". This sentence is always came out from my mum. I will remember it mum. Don't worry.

Today is 18 April 2013. 46 days left for my final exams and you know what? My schedule for final exams this year is quiet 'pretty cool'. 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 13 June 2013. cool hah? So, i need to be prepared for my final exams. Final exams are approaching. Stressful. 

Hmm. that's all for this time from me. I hope i did not lost any readers. hahaha. By the way, thanks to all readers outside there that still be my readers. Please do not hesitate to comment in the box provided below so that i can visit your blog back. Thank you again !!!

Hak Milik Kekal,

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