Monday, July 16, 2012

Awesome Day

Hi, hello, hoi, hei, what else? :) 

How are u guys? Hope all of u are fine out there.. How was ur day ? Happy, sad, disappointed ? Let’s share here but I will share what I had today..

After a few days I started with my semester break, today I went out with my family.. which family? Family-in-law ? oh no ! I’m not married yet. So, u have a chance to grab it.. muahahahaha.. Actually, I had fun with ‘BLOGGER PERAK’S FAMILY’. In fact, there were lots of fun.. not just fun..

We had a few activities and the activities are much more fun than wasting time doing something that is not good.. First, we gathered at food court in Jaya Jusco and had a ‘chit chat time’ while waiting for others to come. After all the bloggers are gathered at food court, we have decided to have our lunch at Ayam Penyet De’Garden besides Jaya Jusco. Just one to two minutes from Jaya Jusco..

After lunch, we had a mini meeting that we discussed a few things such as upcoming events.. Next is the activity that all of the bloggers are waiting for especially DeritaMerindu.. Do u know what kind of activity it is? It’s time for KAROKKKKKkk… Each blogger have to sing and it was awesomeeeee !!!!!

The main point here is Blogger Perak is The Best !! The trademark for Blogger Perak is “We Are Family” and yes ! We are family. If u are interested, from Perak Darul Ridzuan, and u are blogger, u can join Blogger Perak group in facebook. I will put a link to Blogger Perak group and also official blog for Blogger Perak at the end of this entry..

Hak Milik Kekal,


Unknown said...

haha, awesome. salam kenal zali :)

Anonymous said...

seronok dpt jumpe semua.. dpt jugak jumpe zali. eh, abg zali. kite baru 17thn. :p

Azwa said...

awesome. hi zali, kta 12 thun..

ηuя αιмι Ƒαянαηα said...

hii nice to meet u! ;)

kindly visit my blog :

Thanks :D

vendoline said...

bestnye byk aktiviti.hehehe hurmm nama derita merindu.perghh



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